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Zhuomao is directly engaged in the electronics rework / repair industry and has numerous resources to assist and give basic support for most of the products we sell. Make sure you browse through our numerous posts on this website so that you don’t miss any important information. If you don’t see anything related to your particular problem throughout this website in most cases we'll be able to assist you or direct you in the right direction. For complex machines we can give you an interactive support session through webchat or the phone line until we get you going on the right path.

Many times we have customers that are new to the electronics rework / repair field and need assistance on what to order in order to perform a job. We can assist by giving you different options based on your budget and needs about what things to get first and what you can get later etc.

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 With the extensive application of BGA chip in computer motherboards , mobile phones, webcams, memory, television, communication products and other fields , bga rework station demand is also growing. Some friends who own repair shops often ask how to choose a suitable BGA rework station .

Although bga rework station price has been reduced to be acceptable, but bga rework station , after all, is an infrastructure investment, we should buy a useful and practical one.

Here we give some suggestions: .


Choose a good bga rework station , should mainly from the following point of view :

1. what you need.

Regular motherboards size determines the bottom preheating area of bga rework station, generally speaking, ordinary laptop and computer motherboard sizes are smaller than 370x400mm.

2.  should know the maximum and minimum size of the soldered chip the size of the chip.Normally vendors will provide four top air nozzle, your largest and smallest chip size determines the size of the optional air nozzle .

3. The main power supply cable size generally are 2.5m2,  repair shop in selecting the best bga rework station power not more than 5000W,.

4. The bga rework station should have the following features:

A. three temperature zones are necessary, including the top heating, bottom heating , infrared preheating zone. Two heating zones products available  include only the head and infrared preheating zone heating , welding success rate is very low

B. the upper and lower heating head can be moved up and down, Its one of the essential functions bga rework station . When welding by a relatively large motherboards , the bottom nozzle will help to support, to ensure no deformation.

C. with intelligence curve setting function, to set the temperature curve is the most important aspect. If bga rework station temperature curve is set incorrectly, the success rate is very low. You can now appeared on the market a product of intelligent set temperature curve : Zhuomao ZM-R5860, temperature curve is very convenient.


More info will be coming soon in the next article.

Best regards to all. 

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